Brandon Farley

Sales Associate

Personal Relocation

Personal Relocation Services: For You and Your Family


Relocation is easily one of the most stressful things about buying or selling a home. But at Keyes, our aim is to move you from Point A to Point B as seamlessly as possible, and we work hard to make sure that transition is a smooth one. With more than 50 years of nation-wide experience in relocations, our skilled and dedicated team understands the economics and emotions that come with the relocating process. Accordingly, we provide personalized service throughout the entire process, and can cater to the needs of any of our valued clients.

Services offered include:
- Pre-arrival confidential phone counseling
- Personalized relocation kit to your destination
- Cost of living comparisons
- School district comparisons
- Internet link to thousands of homes through the Multiple Listing System (MLS)
- Services and resources for children and seniors
- Title services
- Financing and insurance services